June 1, 2020 UPDATE - COVID-19 viaSport RTP Guidelines

June 1, 2020

June 1, 2020

Attention: Baseball BC Membership (and affiliated clubs)

From: BC Amateur Baseball Association



Baseball BC COVID 19 Update - June 1, 2020


We welcome the Return to Play guidelines released today by viaSport (https://www.viasport.ca/sites/default/files/ReturntoSportGuidelines.pdf ). We've been in dialogue with viaSport while these were being developed, and will soon release our Return to Play guidelines for baseball that are consistent with the viaSport approach.


We caution baseball stakeholders that several things still need to happen before any on-field activity can begin.  This will take some time.  With the viaSport guidelines released, our Return to Play Committee will conclude their work and submit the Plan to the Baseball BC Board for review and approval.  This step is required by viaSport. 


Once approved, Baseball BC will lift the suspension of baseball, subject to the Guidelines.  Again, the baseball community is reminded that getting back to activities on the field may not happen right away.  Even after the suspension is lifted, organizations will still need to comply with all Guidelines (Federal, Provincial, Municipal, viaSport, Baseball B.C., etc.) and abide by directions from their governing body (B.C. Minor, Little League, PBL, etc.), if applicable.



May 30, 2020

Attention: Baseball BC Membership (and affiliated clubs)

From: BC Amateur Baseball Association



Baseball BC has amended its current suspension of in person baseball activities.


It is recognized that many organizations need to work on “off-field” matters related to baseball operations (ie. Meetings, maintenance, etc.) in preparation for the possible return of amateur baseball. Effective immediately, in person activities related to start-up, maintenance, or shutdown of operations is permitted provided all current Federal, Provincial, and local requirements are met, including those relating to physical distancing, cleaning, and personal hygiene and wellness .  


Important to note that this adjustment relates only to administrative and maintenance operations and does not permit the return of ANY in person playing activities at this time.

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Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

What is LTAD?

Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is a systemic approach being developed and adopted by Baseball Canada to maximize a participant's potential and involvement in our sport. The LTAD framework aims to define optimal training, competition and recovery throughout an athlete's career to enable him / her to reach his / her full potential in baseball and as an athlete. 


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Via Sport

viaSport British Columbia was created in 2011 as a legacy of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. As an independent not-for-profit organization, viaSport is tasked by the provincial government to be the lead agency responsible for promoting and developing amateur sport in British Columbia.

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