Baseball BC Athlete Assistance Scholarship Program

The Baseball B.C. Athlete Assistance Scholarship Program (BBC AASP) is a student athlete-centered program of financial assistance funded & administered by the B.C Amateur Baseball Association (Baseball B.C.). The Program seeks to recognize and support BC high performance athletes striving to represent the Province and Canada in athletic competition. Athletes who have demonstrated the potential and commitment to attain this level of excellence can qualify for financial support, in the form of a scholarship, based on relative levels of development and competition achieved within the overall limits of funds available.

The program aims to relieve some of the pressures associated with training and competition needs when participating in provincial, national, international and collegiate sport. The focus of BC AASP funding is for those athletes who are in the position to compete for Team BC &/or Team Canada and are just below those receiving Sport Canada funding, however athletes in receipt of Sport Canada funding may be eligible for BC AASP funding.  This financial assistance will ensure a continuum of support for the development of national and international class BC athletes.

The Baseball BC Athlete Assistance Scholarship Program awards allocated funds totalling $4000 to help defray training costs to worthy participants who meet the selection criteria provided in the text below.  This year the AASP could consist of four equal awards of $1000.


Program Objectives

  1. To contribute to improved performance and to focus support for Baseball BC athletes in the “training to compete” and “training to win” stages of Canadian Sport for Life – Long Term Athlete Development Model

  2. To increase the number of Baseball BC athletes reaching federal carding status thus expanding BC representation on national teams and at eligible major international multi-sport Games

  3. To assist Baseball BC athletes in reaching their athletic potential.

Tangible criteria required for selection are as follows:

  1. Athlete must have participated in Baseball BC’s High-Performance Programming 
  2. Athlete must be registered & attending a Post-Secondary Institution, both currently (spring) & for a full semester (fall/winter) before applying.
    1. Proof of Registration for spring must be supplied with application
  3. Athlete must achieve & maintain a minimal Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.50 or 62.5%
    1. Copy of Transcript must be supplied with application
  4. Athlete must commit to representing Baseball B.C. & Baseball Canada when requested
  5. Athlete must be a “in good standing” with Baseball BC

The following are the criteria which will be used by the Selection Committee as guidelines for Baseball athletes seeking to qualify for the Baseball B.C. Athlete Assistance Scholarship Program. 

  1. Meet all eligibility requirements.

  2. Demonstrate a continued commitment to Baseball training using LTAD ideals.

  3. Coached or instructed by an individual or staff who meet the NCCP requirements for Baseball

  4. Demonstrate excellence in performance &/or potential for improvement in the sport of Baseball

  5. Demonstrate dedication to Baseball other than training

  6. Contribute to the development of Baseball in BC for minimal 3 month a year.

  7. Overall attitude, commitment, & desire to excel in Baseball

  8. Personal deportment & citizenship


Baseball BC will begin accepting applications for the 2025 Baseball B.C. Athlete Assistance Scholarship Program in February of 2025.  

Of particular note is that assistance is only offered to those athletes that are attending post-secondary educational institutions.

Please review the information and submit your application forms (not before Feb. 2025), with subsequent documents, no later than 11:59pm March 8th, 2025 to consider yourself a candidate.


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Best wishes in your athletic and academic endeavors.


Baseball BC Athlete Assistance Scholarship Committee


Current & Past Recipients

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Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

What is LTAD?

Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is a systemic approach developed and adopted by Baseball Canada to maximize a participant's potential and involvement in our sport. The LTAD framework aims to define optimal training, competition and recovery throughout an athlete's career. Enabling everyone to reach their full potential in the game of baseball and as an athlete. 


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Hometown: Victoria, BC



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