Baseball BC 50/50 Program 2023

The Baseball B.C, in conjunction with the Vancouver Canadians, bring you the 2023 50/50 raffle.

Baseball BC (the B.C. Amateur Baseball Association) is the Provincial Sport Organization for amateur baseball in the province.  The organization’s mandate includes the provision of coach, athlete, and volunteer development programs designed to improve the quality of the provincial delivery system in the sport of Baseball.

All proceeds from the 50/50 draw will go towards supporting amateur baseball in the Province of British Columbia through programs that include Coach Training, Spring, Summer, and Winter Camps, Provincial Teams, Rally Cap, Championships, Girls Baseball and Challenger Baseball.

Draw will be completed by the end of the 6th Inning.

Original ticket required to claim prize.

Minors not eligible to participate.

There are no re-draws this year as prizes can be claimed for up to 15 days.

Winning Ticket numbers and prize claiming details are listed at

Inquires can be made through the Baseball BC Office and Executive Director David Laing at 604-586-3312

Know your limit, play within it! BC Gaming License #140949


Wednesday, April 5                    A-1964258       $995.00            Claimed

Tuesday, April 11                        B-1000551.      $507.50            Claimed   

Wednesday, April 12                  C-1002676       $800.00            Claimed

Thursday, April 13                      D-1000669        $397.50           Claimed   

Friday, April 14                           E-1001772         $1555.00.        Claimed

Saturday, April 15                       F-1006517.        $850.00           Claimed

Tuesday April 25                        G-1007838          $1245            Claimed 

 Wed April 26                              H-1004599.         1012.50         Claimed

Thursday April 27                       I-1003448.          $1315.00       Claimed 

Friday April 28                            J-1002185           $2577.50       Claimed

Saturday April 29                       K-1002375           $3692.50       Claimed                               

Sunday April 30                          L-1002648.          $1990.00       Claimed 

Tuesday May 9                             M-1000374          $1874.50.     Claimed 

Wednesday May 10                      N-1008370          $1842.50      Claimed 

Thursday May 11                          O-1008661         $2010.00      Claimed  

Friday May 12                               P-1011073          $2517.50.     Claimed  

Saturday May 13                            Q -1010001      $4140.00      Claimed 

Sunday May 14                               R-1022807        $3287.50     Claimed   

Tues May 30                                    S-1001186         $2260.00     Claimed  

Wed May 31                                     T-1008497         $1577.50.    Claimed       

Thurs June 1                                    U-1013884       $2417.50     Claimed

Friday June 2                                   V-1008331       $3900.00     Claimed

Saturday June 3                              W-1010194       $4587.50     UNCLAIMED

Sunday Jine 4                                  X-1011041        $4385.00     UNCLAIMED                

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Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

What is LTAD?

Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is a systemic approach being developed and adopted by Baseball Canada to maximize a participant's potential and involvement in our sport. The LTAD framework aims to define optimal training, competition and recovery throughout an athlete's career to enable him / her to reach his / her full potential in baseball and as an athlete. 


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