NCCP Clinics NOW Facilitated ONLINE

April 16, 2020

These past couple of months have been truly unlike anything we have experienced before. Still, along side your Local & Provincial Associations, we are a Provincial Sport Organization that believes in the power of enriching our members lives through our services, and we are acutely aware that our ability to connect has been instantly impacted.

Considering these unprecedented times, we are sharing updates on what we are doing to help and what we are focusing on… With social distancing & isolation in mind, Baseball BC has been working hard at adapting programming to service members, and Coach Training is no exception. Still wanting to meet the needs of associations & their coaches, we have found a way to offer the same NCCP training. Rather than in person clinics during this time, the same training will be facilitated ONLINE. We have trained 8 BC Coach Developers to facilitate this training on-line. We are confident that coaches will gain the same knowledge & training as in person, & of course, the same credit will be granted. Feedback & some personal experience suggests most will enjoy the experience.

Participation takes place in a live, Adobe Connect online classroom setting using a home computer or laptop and the internet. There will be 15-20 coaches per four-hour session who can break into discussion rooms of 3-5 coaches. Online clinics hosted by Baseball BC are open to all coaches throughout British Columbia and cost $60 per clinic. Final instructions will then be sent to registered coaches leading up to the online event. It is as simple as that.

The 4 Regional & 2 Provincial Clinics offered online are scheduled below on 2 consecutive weekends Friday through Sunday at 5:30pm with Initiation leading off May 29 & Strategies cleaning up June 7. Clinics are first come first serve & close at 20 coaches, so, register today.

Initiation – May 29

Teaching & Learning – May 30

Absolutes - May 31

Planning – June 5

Pitching & Catching - June 6

Strategies - June 7


Online Clinic Checklist:

LOG IN EARLY to make sure all tech is working properly. The facilitator will be online at least 30 min prior to the course start – Adobe Connect (Can be downloaded at link provided on bottom of page)

Be someplace quiet

Have a good internet connection (wired is better than wireless)

A laptop or home computer is best

Having a headset (wired is better than wireless) with a built-in microphone is recommended (using the microphone on your computer will cause feedback to happen and can be very annoying to the group)

There will not be any video. Only audio. The facilitator will be sharing his/her screen as the facilitation takes place.

Print out the coach workbook to follow along with the facilitator and take notes

If you have multiple computer-screens you may follow along on a second screen

A poor internet connection or issues with technology on your end can be cause for removal from the course. The course will have to be retaken later. If you do lose connection, log in as quickly as possible.


Realizing on-line delivery & electronic interaction may not be for everyone, Baseball BC will offer in person clinics again when it is clear & safe to do so…

Maybe you are a new baseball coach, or want to transfer your qualifications from the past "Level 1-2-3 system" into the present Baseball Canada NCCP system & you are wondering how to get started or want a step-by-step how...?    

Maybe you simply just want more information on NCCP…


(For your convenience, some of that information is below, so, if interested continue reading…)



You are a mentor, motivator and leader.  Along with parents and teachers, coaches have a profound impact on the future of our children. It is a great responsibility, and Canada’s two million coaches embrace it with passion and dedication.

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is part of a national sports system that is built on solid research and sound principles relating to athlete development across different sports, yet, it is tailored to the specific needs of baseball. This coach program is recognized nationally & and around the world; in fact, Baseball Canada was just honored with The Sheila Robertson Award for demonstrating a consistent approach in valuing and recognizing the role of the coach within baseball, the media, and the public. Baseball’s NCCP gives coaches the confidence to succeed and is the only coach program for baseball recognized in Canada. When you take an NCCP workshop, you will not only gain sport-specific technical abilities, but also leadership and decision-making skills.

NCCP training will open doors to new opportunities in coaching and in life.  It is quite simply the gold standard of excellence in coaching development.

The Coach Initiation in Sport & Initiation in Baseball (Fundamentals) online modules are a first step on your coaching pathway in the NCCP.  These online modules are the perfect way to set an association up for success, especially for a new coach or a parent interested in getting involved in coaching

They are designed as an important introduction to the key coaching concepts and educational tools that are the foundation of the NCCP. Coaches will learn the fundamentals of coaching and baseball as it explores topics including long-term athlete development, ethics, coaching motivation, and athlete safety and wellness.  Initiation Coach in Baseball has specific sections to further educate coaches in skill development of young baseball athletes including throwing and receiving, base-running, game strategies, and hitting. The module remains an excellent informational resource for coaches which they can revisit at any time after successful completion of the module.  Also, a multitude of resources become unlocked making their coaching experience even more positive.

Coaching baseball in Canada is set up mainly around 6 NCCP clinics, including 2 levels of which a coach can be Trained or Certified. The 1st level is called Regional Coach and includes 4 clinics (Initiation Coach, Teaching & Learning, Absolutes & a Planning clinic). The 2nd level is called Provincial Coach and consists of 2 clinics (Pitching & Catching and Strategies).  Completing Regional or Provincial Clinics will earn a coach “Trained” status, furthermore, completing the Evaluation process earns “Certified” status.  Coaches should also note Baseball Canada enforces NCCP Training & Certification as mandatory at their Championships; in fact, coaches are not permitted on field without meeting these requirements…  When your time comes, players need you coaching & leading them to an experience they will never forget.

A coach will impact a youth athlete for a lifetime and Baseball BC can help begin a successful journey.  Easy access to information on The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is critical for coaches; even for such things as how to register, clinic pathways, etc., so that’s why everything can be found on Baseball BC’s web page.


If you have not already, below is how you can register for the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP):


Registration/Initiation Coach

  1. If you haven’t registered with the Baseball Canada NCCP program and don’t have a username and password, go to to register.
  2. Click the “Register Now” button on the left-hand side of the page
  3. Fill out personal information, etc.
    1. If you don’t already have an NCCP#, you will get an NCCP number within 24 hours (If you already have an NCCP number from another sport or from “old Level 1-2-3 baseball system”, put that number in the NCCP# box).
      1. If you have old NCCP baseball training credited & recognized by Baseball Canada & the Coaching Association of Canada, indicated so at bottom of registration page to be verified by Baseball BC
    2. You can complete the next steps (4-7) while you wait for your NCCP#
  4. Log into your NCCP profile by going to by entering your username and password that you completed in step 3
  5. Once signed in, go to “Status” page.
  6. After registering, complete the mandatory on-line “Coach Initiation in Sport”
    1. If Baseball BC does not approve previous credited NCCP Baseball training; this multi-sport module has registration fee of $37.45 (print receipt if needed)
  7. Then, complete the mandatory on-line module “Coach Initiation in Baseball (Fundamentals)”
    1. You can complete steps 6 and 7 while you wait for your NCCP number. Once NCCP# is delivered to your email, go into your profile and check to make sure the NCCP# is populated in your information.
    2. ***You will not be able to register for a clinic until you have completed both steps 6 and 7***
  8. Register for Initiation Coach clinic by clicking the “register” button beside Initiation Coach clinic (in Status page)
    1. Choose clinic location you would like to attend (Online clinics can be done anywhere that you have access to a computer & internet service)
  9. Attend 4-hour clinic and be sure to sign the “sign-in” sheet at the clinic you are trained at
    1. ***If you do not sign-in & stay for the complete clinic at the location it is being held, you will not be given credit for that clinic*** (Online clinics do not have this requirement)
    2. Payment not exceeding $60 per clinic may also be collected at clinic entrance by the local association (Online clinics require electronic credit card payment)

Regional Coach TRAINED Status

  1. Register for Regional Clinics. These can be done in any order, but we suggest attending Regional clinics as listed below & before any next level Provincial Coach clinics:
    1. Teaching and Learning
    2. Absolutes
    3. Planning

Regional Coach CERTIFIED Status

  1. Register for your Regional and Provincial Coach Portfolio. This is an online portfolio that will be completed by the coach and evaluated by your assigned Evaluator
  2. Once portfolio is completed & passed, register a Practice Evaluation; again, you will be assigned an Evaluator
  3. Complete & pass the Practice Evaluation by being the head coach of a practice and running the practice

Complete the Making Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation by going to


We hope this has been informative & useful. Still, do not ever hesitate to call Baseball BC for more NCCP information, or any other baseball matter, as we continue serving all youth baseball in British Columbia.


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Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is a systemic approach developed and adopted by Baseball Canada to maximize a participant's potential and involvement in our sport. The LTAD framework aims to define optimal training, competition and recovery throughout an athlete's career. Enabling everyone to reach their full potential in the game of baseball and as an athlete. 


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