Baseball BC Announces Rosters for Team BC ACES at 14U, 16U and 21U.

July 14, 2023

Baseball BC is pleased to announce the Team BC ACES at 14U, 16U and 21U. 

The 14U Aces will compete at the Western Canadian Championships in Richmond, B.C. August 18 to 20, and because Richmond City Baseball is hosting us at home, we will select a 1st team (BC Blue Aces) & a 2nd team (BC Red Aces) to go for gold at this year's event. Western Canada Baseball Association

The 16U Aces will complete at the Baseball Canada National Championships August 24 to 27 in Summerside, PEI. 16U Girls Invitational

The 21U Aces will complete at the Baseball Canada National Championships August 10 to 13 in St. John's, NL. 21U Women's Invitational

Selected players below will receive further information regarding their championships in the next few days. 

Alternate players will only be added to the roster in the event of an injury or other circumstance that prevents a player from attending. 

Questions can be directed to Scott MacKenzie (


14U Team BC ACES Roster - Western Canada Championships

Blue Aces

  1. Addison Dorland
  2. Aliyah Weckerle
  3. Daphne Haskins
  4. Ella Estoque
  5. Emma Lecompte
  6. Jessa Buckland
  7. Jessica Slater
  8. Kamryn Dyck
  9. Layla Spencer
  10. Lily Chang
  11. Neveah Brankovic
  12. Raeya Mackie
  • Head Coach - Kristy Watson
  • Assistant Coaches - Juliette Kladko & TBA 

Red Aces

  1. Ava Dawson
  2. Bhavneer Bella Sandhu
  3. Danika Williams
  4. Elsa Baker
  5. Eva MacDonald
  6. Gracie-May Greenall
  7. Jersey Curtis
  8. Jessie Umeris
  9. Kaila De Carvalho
  10. Krista Krahn
  11. Logan Grant
  12. Lucy Gutierrez
  13. Neelyn Gosal
  14. Olivia Roos
  • Head Coach - Liz Gilder
  • Assistant Coaches - Ashley Stewart & Tess Sawkins

14U Alternates

  • Claire Cu
  • Noella Brenner
  • Stella Berry

16U Team BC ACES Roster - Baseball Canada National Championships

  1. Allison Pengelly
  2. Amelia Marsh
  3. Ashley Grice
  4. Brooklyn Bianchini
  5. Emily Baldwin
  6. Emma Jaggers
  7. Emma Lecompte
  8. Gabriella Weisser
  9. Kae Lin Whiton
  10. Kennedy Grayson
  11. Mercedez Johnson
  12. Payton O'Brien
  13. Peyton Fitzgerald
  14. Raeya Mackie
  15. Sophia Heck
  • Head Coach - Stacy Fournier
  • Assistant Coaches - Emily Fournier & Keno Magano


21U Team BC ACES Roster - Baseball Canada National Championships

  1. Abby Bates
  2. Alex Sy
  3. Amelia Russo
  4. Ashley Losin
  5. Cheyenne Simicak
  6. Ella Duncan-Reda
  7. Kailyn Guenther
  8. Keegan Wong
  9. Maddy Fitzmaurice
  10. Maggie McDonald
  11. Michelle Roche
  12. Rachel Tam
  13. Sarah Pengelly
  14. Vanessa McKinley

Alternate - Kaitlyn Zhu

  • Head Coach - Emily Fournier
  • Assistant Coach - Logan Wedgewood 

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Hometown: Richmond, BC



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