Announcement - LMBA Partners with Female Baseball Provincial Program

February 28, 2017

Announcement - LMBA & Baseball B.C. Female Baseball Development Program

From:  Scott Mackenzie – Baseball B.C., Manager of Operation – Female Baseball

            Ken Mackenzie – Head Coach - Team BC Women’s Baseball

            Dan Taylor – Lower Mainland Baseball Association

The Lower Mainland Baseball Association is a supporter of women’s baseball development in British Columbia and has offered its assistance to Baseball B.C.  For the past two years Amanda Asay, Team Canada All-World player, has played in the LMBA’s 30+ division on a semi-regular basis – a very good fit for both parties.  Several of her team mates played in the LMBA’s 2016 Fall League and again, the opportunity resulted in a good result for both parties.  Scott MacKenzie, Women’s National Team Coach, says “it’s a great league for our current players to be challenged & stay sharp, and for any who want national or provincial opportunities, competing with & against men can give you that edge…”

Several recent and potential developments in the baseball world may result in an opportunity for an all-female team to possibly play in the LMBA in 2018.  Due to changing demographics within the LMBA and some possible developments in the PMBL (Men’s Senior League) the league may see an influx of teams for the 2018 season.  It is possible that the 30+ division could result in two tiers of teams according to the level of its member teams.  In discussions with Ken and Scott the possibility of entering a female team in one of the tiers is a distinct possibility.

During the 2017 season, the LMBA will be taking a deliberate approach to a structural re-organization for the 2018 season.  For this year, the LMBA would welcome any female players to contact us if they are interested in playing on a regular or semi-regular basis to try out the situation.  We would have you play in our 30+ division and are currently working out the logistics – mutual contact lists, and scheduling.  Players would register through the LMBA website and any fees would be determined between players and the individual team depending upon frequency of participation.

I have asked Ken to forward this information to his contacts to gauge the level of interest and to begin making plans in the event that the possibility moves forward.  Ken, Scott, and Dan would welcome any input and suggestions and we look forward to working cooperatively with everyone.

Dan Taylor


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