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Attention Elite Athlete,

July 31, 2020 - Baseball BC is excited to announce High Performance Programming this summer for Females

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2019 Baseball Canada Championships

4th Place Finish July 4 to 8, 2019 in Okotokes, AB  

Congratulations Players Named to Team BC - 2019

Amanda ASAY, Claire ECCLES, Emily FOURNIER, Stacy FOURNIER, Jennifer GILROY, Katie REYES, Mary HARDING, Paige MCDONNELL, Pascale JALBERT, Rhianna PETTAPIECE, Allison SCHRODER, Heather HEALEY, Katelyn BEDWELL, Liz GILDER and Ashley LOSIN

Coaches – Ken Mackenzie, Andres Losin & Scott Mackenzie (Manager - Diana Fournier)


2018 Baseball Canada Championships

5th Place Finish July 5 to 8, 2018 in Montreal, Quebec

Coaches – Ken Mackenzie, Grant McDougall, Doug Strohan (Manager - Diana Fournier)

Congratulations to all athletes selection to Team BC.  It is an honor to be recognized and to be part of the Baseball BC Provincial Program and we hope this has & will help you develop your potential to play at the highest level possible.

For those not selected to this years team, we would like to thank you for participating in this year’s provincial tryout camp. We had a great turnout and commend you all for making this a very difficult decision for us.  We wish you the best for the rest of the summer and look forward to seeing you again next year & beyond.  This experience has been very valuable to your growth as a player, and our hope is you keep learning and loving the game. Continue to show everyone around that girls can play ball!


Congratulations Players Named to Team BC - 2018 5th Place Finish

Amanda ASAY, Claire ECCLES, Stacy FOURNIER, Jennifer GILROY, Jessie MCKAY, Katie REYES, Marina DEANGELIS, Mary HARDING, Niki BOYD,  Paige MCDONNELL, Pascale JALBERT, Sydney JEFFERS, Veronica WONG


BC Badgers Game Schedule (All-Women's Team in LMBA League)

Baseball is currently looking for women 17 & older to play in a league competing against men of similar skill levels.  The Lower Mainland Baseball Association (LMBA) is promoting female baseball & after successfully piloting exhibition games last season, is going to support an all-women’s team in 2018.  The team being assembled is looking for women to swing wood bats once a week April to August, usually on weekends. Even though this is a fun league, some women will go on to compete for Team BC & even Team Canada; those high performance opportunities will be open to all women playing on this team.  So no matter your motive, if interested, call or email Scott at Baseball BC (604-586-3315 or scottm@baseball.bc.ca) to learn more about playing on LMBA’s first ever all-women’s baseball team.  

League Website here http://www.ballcharts.com/team/?team=BCBadgers


Looking for GRASS ROOTS or GIRL'S LEAGUE - Click here


Check out the videos at the link below focusing on Girls Baseball:


Team Canada at the 2016 World Cup in South Korea https://vimeo.com/182265313


Past Teams & Results

2017 - Women’s Open – Ken MacKenzie & Grant McDougal (Manager: Diana Fournier)

  • Windsor, ONT. Aug. 3-7
    • 4th Place

    • Congratulations Women Selected to Open Team BC - 2017
  1. ASAY, Amanda - Prince George
  2. BOYD, Niki - Surrey
  3. BRAIDWOOD, Jaki - Comox
  4. DEANGELIS, Marina - Delta
  5. ECCLES, Claire - White Rock
  6. FOURNIER, Emily - Langley
  7. FOURNIER, Stacy - Langley
  8. HARDING, Mary - Victoria
  9. MCDONNELL, Paige - Surrey
  10. PETTAPIECE, Rhianna - N. Vancouver
  11. RENNEBERG, Kensi - Kelowna
  12. WONG, Veronica - Nanaimo


2016 - Women's Open - August 25 to 29th in Red Deer, AB

*Congratulations to Team BC on WINNING A GOLD MEDAL...! 

  1. Paige McDonnell
  2. Amanda Asay
  3. Sarah Hilworth
  4. Emily Fournier
  5. Katrina Davison
  6. Niki Boyd
  7. Katrine Eccles
  8. Marina Deangelis
  9. Claire Eccles
  10. Rhianna Pettapiece
  11. Stacy Fournier
  12. Daniella Matteucci
  13. Veronica Wong


2015 - Women's Open Championship - August 13-16 in Saguenay, Quebec

2014 - Women's Open Championship in Whalley, BC – August 14-17

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Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

What is LTAD?

Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is a systemic approach being developed and adopted by Baseball Canada to maximize a participant's potential and involvement in our sport. The LTAD framework aims to define optimal training, competition and recovery throughout an athlete's career to enable him / her to reach his / her full potential in baseball and as an athlete. 


MLB British Columbians

James Paxton

Current MLB Team: Seattle Mariners
Hometown: Richmond, BC


Last Raps

Since 2009, Last Raps Baseball has provided baseball instruction in the lower mainland, island and interior of British Columbia. The instruction that we provide is to better equip players to play in their local leagues and associations. In turn, this will increase the overall caliber of play and keep baseball a relevant sport in the British Columbia sports culture.

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