BC Girls Baseball High Performance Seminar

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  • Friday, August 14, 2020
  • 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm

Empowering females, striking-out stereotypes and advancing bases towards the first woman player in Major League Baseball

Listen to B.C.'s Finest Athletes & Personalities Discuss their Experiences & Learn what it takes to be a Winner...!

Reporter, Baseball Development & Special Projects at MLB, Alexis Brudnicki will MC & Host the following Sensational Speakers:

Leah Pells - Resilient

Represented Canada in the Olympics from 1992-2000, was once ranked #1 in the world in the 1500m and is a Silver Medalist in the 1999 Pan American Games.  

Chris Pritchett - Recruitment

Former MLB California Angel & Philadelphia Phillie, and is the current Head Coach of the UBC Baseball Program

Aaron Myette - Pathways

MLB 1st Round Pick & MLB Alumni, and is the current Head Coach of Baseball Canada Women's National Team

Cavanagh Whitely - Leadership

Coached College Baseball Program for 10 years & Awarded Baseball Canada's Elite Coach of the Year in 2018.  Professor at Douglas College.

Khyl Orser - Misconceptions of Training

Registered Strength & Conditioning Coach who trains the elitist athletes

Dr. Amanda Asay & Marika Lyszczyk - Adversity

Amanda is a Team Canada Player who competed in 7 World Cups (National Leader Award in 2019, Canadian MVP & World Cup All-Star in 2006 & 2016).  Won Silver in the 2015 Pan American Games. Played in Australia. Played NCAA hockey & softball. Graduated with PhD & is currently working in forestry.

Marika is the First Female Position Player in NCAA Baseball History and Play's for Team Canada

And Yes, there will be a Hot Stove with all BC's Team Canada Players: Dr. Amanda Asay, Claire Eccles, Stacy Fournier, Liz Gilder, Allison Schroder, Marika Lyszczyk, & National Prospect Katie Reyes.

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